Xtream Codes IPTV Professionel Edition

Please Note:
IPTV Panel PRO is using the latest & most stable technology for restreaming & transcoding. It support a wide range of Audio & Video Codecs and it is able to serve your Clients with their needs

Stable, Professional and Secure IPTV Panel

IPTV Panel is powered by many Open Source Tools. These are only few reasons why we believe our software is different from our competitors:

  • Responsive, Fast and Light Weight WebUI
  • Stable & Secure
  • Management, Invoicing, Monitoring Logs
  • User Friendly
  • Installation Support
  • Unlimited: User, Channels, Streamer Server
  • Channels Autostart (when source down)
  • Speed: Fast Channel Zap Times
  • Subscriptions
  • EPG: XMLTV EPG Support
  • Professional Enigma 2 Plugin + Android App
  • Reseller Module

More Features

You will get lot of features with IPTV Professionel Edition


Instant & fast Setup

As soon as you make a successful payment, The installation take about 10 - 30 min. No waiting time whatsoever.


Web UI

Easy Control with easy to use, user-friendly and responsive design build in Web-UI. You don't need technical knowledge to work with this system. No action required on servers, just install the solution and manage everything from the powerful control panel. You have all in one place, easy to use.


Updates & Bugfixes

Our developers are constantly developing the system further. They will be fix bugs quickly.


Multiple Auth Support

Serial Number,MAC Address,IP,User+Pass - We support the most authentication mechanism ways. So you can authenticate your users based on serial number, mac address, user+password, IP address, each one of them or MULTIPLE COMBINED ! This is just amazing !


Auto Restart

Automatic restart and monitor: You do not need to worry if your streams goes down ( the sources ), our software monitors 24/7 your streams, and if they have problems or goes down, simple will restart them. You can customize after how time to restart channels or other options!


Any Streaming Format

You can add streams in any format that can be played in VLC, and output can be MPEGTS over HTTP, Multicast or even Original Source. You can customize bitrate and everything only with one simple edit. Instant modification on all servers.



Transcode at best performance:We dedicated the time for research and to find the best optimized way to transcode your channels. SD at 1 mbps , good quality, and HD at 2.5 Mbps. You just need to install the software and you are ready to go



Packages for your customers: You can add as many subscription you need. You can put channels in one or more subscriptions, and you can set a price for subscription. The subscriptions will be assigned to each device, so you can control what channels has the user right to view



Add expire date: You can use the invoicing module, to keep track of the customer's payments, or simply to set an expire date to the device. You can also skip the invoice checking with one checkmark in the device modification form. Easy and powerful !


Enigma 2 & Android

Enigma 2 Plugin & Android App: We offer Enigma 2 Plugin and Android application to fits your needs. Applications can be branded with your logo, your design.

IPTV Professionel Edition WebUI Screenshots

You will get lot of features with IPTV Professionel Edition

Multiple-Server principle IPTV Schema Loadbalancing Login Poral: Dashboard Portal: Devices

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