HowTo: What to check if channels/playlist/server "not working"

HowTo: What to check if channels/playlist/server "not working"

To answer all of you that you don't know how things works, let us explain how and what you should check if something is not working.



1. IF in dashboard, you see a GREEN button saying "Stop" , it means SSH connection to server is WORKING. If you see a RED button saying "Start" it means two things : 

  • hitrow process is not running at all
  • cms can't connect to the server by ssh ( here you should check LOGS , you should check if ssh port is correct, ip is correct, or password of ssh user "fulliptv" matches )

To change password of server you must to this, in this order : 

  • Change password of ssh user fulliptv ( passwd fulliptv )
  • Edit server in CMS panel and put the new password. 

2. IF in dashboard you DO NOT see version of server and "Started" field is 0s , that means HITROW process is not running on the port 80 ( or port defined in server settings on panel )

  • Check if nothing is listening on port 80 except hitrow ( netstat -tnlp | grep 80 )
  • If apache is running on streamer, uninstall it ( apt-get purge apache2 )
  • Restart hitrow ( killall -9 hitrow ) or the Stop / Start button from cms.
  • Repeat the steps above


Good things to know : 


  1. CMS is connecting to STREAMERS via ssh with fulliptv user and using password auth
  2. For ubuntu 14.04 you MUST set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config the option "PermitRootLogin" to yes ( default in 14.04 is without-password, should be "yes" )
  3. CMS is also connecting to streamers via port 80 to hitrow process to collect data about channels. If you don't see channels in dashboard, it means that cms can't contact the streamer on port 80
  4. STREAMER is connecting to cms , so the settings found in /opt/fulliptv/etc/fulliptv.conf should be correct 100%. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE MANUALLY !

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